IT: College Information

Please note that in order to get online in College and most other University sites, including the internet via the University’s network you need an active Single Sign-On account. The IT Officer can provide you with a temporary account which you can use on your own device, if necessary, to activate your Single Sign-On account. However, you are advised to complete the necessary registrations before arrival in Oxford.

You can find all essential IT information at

IT provision at College 

We provide workstations and facilities to enable students and staff to work in College, as well as wireless access and local IT support.

If you have any IT problems, contact the College IT Officer by email on:, or by telephone on +44 (0)1865 612023.

The College also has an IT Fellow (Professor Andrew Martin for 2020/21), who is concerned with policy and strategic planning, and would welcome constructive comments about the development of IT within College.

IT Rules

Use of IT Services within the College is governed by rules which apply throughout the University (and also when accessing University facilities remotely, e.g. via VPN): see The University reserves the right to monitor network traffic when necessary to do so: the circumstances are set out in the University IT regulations. The College Regulations relating to the use of IT can be found here
Information security is an important consideration and all students should complete the free online training available at It is important to remember that Oxford is regularly targeted by phishing emails designed to trick you into providing your SSO credentials, so please treat all emails, particularly those asking you to reset passwords or access restricted files with a caution.

Updated on: 14/09/2020