Oxford is a beautiful and vibrant city in which to live and offers a wide variety of accommodation options for both full-time and part-time students.

In the process of joining Kellogg College, you will have received some information about accommodation.

Full-time students are required to be resident in Oxford and should make sure that the College has your Oxford address. For the academic year 2024/25 we continue to expand our offering of accommodation to students on site. It may also be that you have secured accommodation through the Graduate Accommodation Office directly or are renting in the private sector.

Part-time students will make a variety of accommodation arrangements depending on the requirements of the course, from summer residential courses to intensive week-long modules. The College has excellent short- and medium-term accommodation, which you may wish to book during a stay in Oxford. To check short-term room availability and make a booking, please visit our short-term accommodation booking page. For details of medium-term accommodation, please go to the termly accommodation page.

Accommodation-related enquiries can be emailed to