University Card

The University issues a University Card to each student which will show your photograph, the name of your college, your programme of study and an expiry date. The expiry date printed on University Cards is normally the expected programme completion date. Your University Card is an important, unique form of identification. University Cards are first created when a student returns the University Card Form at the start of their studies. By signing the Card Form you agree to obey all the rules of the institutions and facilities to which it allows you access. University Cards are issued to the Academic Office at the College to distribute to you when you have completed registration. We are unable to post cards for reasons of security. If you are unable to come to Oxford to collect your Card, we, or in some cases by special arrangement your department or faculty, shall retain it until collection. Collection will be by appointment only for new students but other arrangements may be possible on occasion by emailing

In addition to being an essential form of identification, your University Card allows access to the College (including the main building, Library and Hub), the Bodleian Libraries as well as some departmental libraries and facilities, and other University buildings. Your card will also allow you access to use some of the devices such as the printer in the workroom in the College
Library. Your card may also be required for registration purposes at some faculty libraries and, increasingly, it can be used to authorise payments around the University and in College so it is important to keep it with you at all times.

You must have your University Card with you when sitting examinations.

As well as access to physical facilities, the University Card underpins digital access. Most importantly, it validates your Single Sign On user account and Nexus365 e-mail account.

Expired cards

Please check the expiry date of your University Card. When it expires, your access to University facilities will cease with some temporary exceptions. If your University Card is due to expire (you will receive email notifications near the time), or has expired, before the completion of your studies, contact the Academic Office immediately and we will arrange for it to be renewed (if applicable), as this does not happen automatically. Ordering and issuing cards may take several days, so please contact the Academic Office in good time. It is therefore crucial that you contact the Academic Office in good time, preferably as soon as you receive the first automatic notification of expiry. If you complete your studies before the expiry date of your University Card, you should not use it.

Lost, damaged or stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you must report this to the Academic Office at College (, as soon as possible, so that the access on the card can be stopped and we can advise you on the procedure for replacing it. There is a £15 replacement charge for lost cards, which will need to be paid via the online store. Please note that, once a card has been reported as lost it will be cancelled; if the old card is found it cannot be used and the charge will still apply. There is no charge to replace damaged cards or stolen cards if a crime number can be provided.

Please keep an eye on the expiry date of your Card and contact in advance of it expiring if you are still on course.

Updated on: 13/07/2023