Important College Contacts

Senior Tutor

Dr Sandie Byrne
For queries or issues relating to your academic programme, which cannot be resolved within your academic department or for which you would value another perspective

Academic Registrar

Carina Klingenberg
The Academic Registrar is responsible for the Academic Office. Carina is the College’s Disability Co-ordinator and oversees student welfare. Carina can give you guidance and support with concerns related to your studies or personal or financial matters that are causing you concern.

Assistant Academic Administrator (Student Progression and Support)

Jess Pearson
As Assistant Academic Administrator, Jess oversees student progression and support. Jess can provide guidance and support with concerns related to your studies. Do contact Jess regarding progress with your course or for personal or financial matters that are causing you concern, please contact the Academic Registrar if you require help with this area of college life (see above).

All Academic Office staff are happy to assist students and can be contacted on


Professor Jeremy Gibbons
The Dean is responsible for the maintenance of good order in College this includes ensuring that all members of the College are treated with courtesy, consideration and respect.

Welfare Dean

Dr Shreya Atrey (Michaelmas Term 2023) then Dr Tara Stubbs thereafter 
The Welfare Dean is responsible for the general wellbeing of all College members.  

Junior Deans

Sheetal Jain, Kan Keeratimahat, Tonima Trisa and Antonin Charret

The Junior Deans are resident students at Kellogg College and a useful first point of contact for students. They are available to offer welfare support and provide on-site assistance out-of-hours and on weekends. Where appropriate, the Junior Deans may refer issues to College staff and/or support services within the University. You can contact the Junior Deans at: The Junior Deans are also available for out-of-hours emergencies (i.e. 19:15 – 08:30 weekdays, and all weekend); please call 07932 951849.

Finance Bursar

Gary Walker
The Finance Bursar is the principal non-academic administrative officer of the College, as well as the chief financial officer. Gary is responsible for all administrative staff of the College and for ensuring their effective management and performance, working with the managers of each section as appropriate.

Domestic Bursar

Mel Parrott
The Domestic Bursar is responsible for ensuring the buildings, including our student and guest accommodation, and estate are kept in good condition so that the students, Fellows and staff can make best use of them. Mel is also responsible for the catering operation of the College, ensuring the highest quality of food is provided for all College members at the best possible cost.

The President

Professor Jonathan Michie
Students may contact him at any time with any issue related to the College. In the President’s absence students may contact the Vice-President, Dr David Mills.

Harassment Advisers

Dr Richard Stevens and Dr Alison MacDonald
Any issues of harassment may be discussed with these Advisors.

Pastoral Advisor

Dr Alistair Ross
The College’s Pastoral Advisor is available to be consulted on any religious or personal matters on a confidential basis.

Fellow Librarian

Dr Jonathan Healey
Kellogg’s Fellow Librarian can be contacted if you have questions about the College library.

Sustainability Fellow

Professor Chris Pugh
The College’s Sustainability Fellow supports Kellogg’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. They would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to find out more.

Fellow with responsibility for part-time students

Dr Alistair Ross
The Fellow with responsibility for part-time students has a particular interest in ensuring that Kellogg is welcoming and supportive for its many students who are studying on a part time basis.

LGBTQ+ Fellow

Dr Max Van Kleek
If you would like to discuss issues relating to sexuality and gender, our LGBTQ+ Fellow is happy to hear from you for a confidential discussion. The LGBTQ+ Fellow helps Kellogg be an inclusive and welcoming space for all Kellogg members.

Racial Equality and Justice Fellow

Dr Shreya Atrey
The Racial Equality and Justice Fellow is responsible for providing pastoral support to students facing issues around, among other things, race, colour, cast, language, culture and diversity. They also assist in the promotion of diversity and creation of an inclusive culture at Kellogg.

Middle Common Room (MCR) Officers

Students might also wish to consult with Officers of the student Middle Common Room. The names of elected MCR officers are available on the MCR pages of the College website.

Updated on: 31/08/2023