Academic conduct and regulation

Below you can find information on important parts of your academic journey. Comprehensive information is provided on the University’s website, in the University’s Student Handbook, Examination Regulations and in your programme’s handbook, in addition to this College Student Handbook.

Examination regulations

All students are required to familiarise themselves with the University of Oxford’s Examination Regulations, which contains the regulations for degrees conferred by the University together with regulations made by boards, and certain other relevant information, such as financial matters and conduct in examinations. These are the important, formal regulations for your programme of study. Approved changes and additions to the Examination Regulations are published from time to time in the University Gazette ( which is published weekly during term time. The regulations are held online at

Residence in Oxford

All full-time student members at the University are required to reside, for the period prescribed for that degree, within twenty-five miles of Carfax Tower in the centre of the city. Student members engaged on part-time courses do not have a statutory requirement to be resident in Oxford for their studies but may need to attend Oxford to complete the requirements of their programme of study therefore part-time students should be clear about the attendance expectations for their course. Full-time students who are exceptionally permitted to undertake their research in a well-found laboratory outside Oxford under the provisions of the Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, are exempt from the residence requirement.

If a student member has special circumstances requiring them to reside and keep terms in a property situated more than twenty-five miles from Carfax Tower, an application to seek dispensation from the residence requirement must be made. Research students need to complete a GSO.8 form, while Taught students make an application to the Proctors Office via the Academic Office ( You should discuss any application first with your department, faculty or school because their support will be required for the application.

Regulations for Residence are detailed in the University’s Examination Regulations at

Updated on: 10/07/2023