Grants, awards and scholarships

The College provides opportunities for financial support for your studies – see details of some of these below, including the Research Support Grant and Kellogg College Travel Grants. There are also awards for you to consider and sometimes new opportunities arise during the year. These will be advertised in a termly financial support email sent by the Academic Officer to all students, and some opportunities will also be mentioned on the College website.

Scholarships are only usually available for those applying to start a course of study but if you’re thinking of moving to DPhil study in the future we hope you will consider applying for a Kellogg College Progress scholarship.

Please note, due to the wishes of donors or for unforeseen circumstances, sometimes the details of a grant/award may change following publication of this Student Handbook. For up-to-date information on awards please do check on the Scholarships section of our website.


Kellogg College offers the opportunity to apply for a Research Support Grant to all students and the Kellogg College Travel Grant is available for DPhil and MPhil students to apply for. All recipients are kindly expected to provide the Communications team with details of the research, travel, or conferences enabled by these sources of funding, this is a mandatory requirement for those who are awarded a Travel Grant. 

Kellogg College Research Support Grants 

Available for assistance with research-related costs and/or career development opportunities. Examples: software, specialist library, fieldwork expenses, attending conferences, etc.

Who can apply
All enrolled Kellogg students within fee liability.

Maximum grant allowance throughout your course:

  • Master’s students: £250,
  • MPhil students: £500,
  • DPhil students: £1,000.


  • The grant is for retrospective claims (you will need to provide receipts upon applying),
  • students can apply once per academic year,
  • your expenses must match the academic year in which you are applying. For instance, expenses incurred in March must be claimed within that academic year.

Complete your application form

Please email with any questions.

Kellogg College Travel Grants

Available for assistance with travel, registration and attendance costs when presenting at conferences or travel costs of research trips.

Who can apply
MPhil and DPhil students within fee liability

Maximum grant allowance throughout your course
Travel grant awards will be for a maximum of £750 (The amount awarded depends on demand; you might not be awarded the full amount if there is high number of applicants.)

Before applying:

  • You will be asked to upload a statement signed by your supervisor. Please have this ready before starting your application,
  • you are encouraged to also apply to your department for financial support. The application form will ask you for details,
  • the College recognises that travel options with lower carbon footprints can sometimes lead to an increase in costs; the Travel Grant Committee will take this into account when allocating grants to encourage sustainable travel.


  • MPhil students can apply twice during their course, but only once per academic year,
  • DPhil students can apply three times during their course, but only once per academic year,
  • applications must be completed by Friday of week 5 of either Michaelmas, Hilary or Trinity term.

Complete your application form

Please email with any questions.


Kellogg College offers a number of awards and will let you know of any new opportunities as they arise, or you can find details on the College website, including details of former recipients. In 2022/23 Kellogg hopes to offer the following awards:

Monika Tesarova Award

Each year Kellogg College is pleased to offer a Monika Tesarova Fund Bursary of £100 made available due to the generosity of a College Fellow. The Monika Tesarova Fund Bursary exists to support a Kellogg student wishing to invest in their studies or take up an opportunity while studying at Oxford that they would ordinarily be precluded from doing due to financial constraints. While this does not have to be directly relevant to your studies (although it may be), it must be something that you believe will enhance your experience of studying at Oxford.

Look out for eligibility criteria and details of how to apply on the website.


Kellogg College is delighted to offer a wide and varied number of scholarships. Most scholarships exist for those applying to start a programme of study; however, there are very occasional scholarships that are available to students who are already on course. Details of these are advertised on the website as they become available.

If you are studying for a master’s in 2022/23 and are hoping to move on to study a full-time DPhil at Kellogg in 2023/24 you will be eligible to apply for a Kellogg College Progress Scholarship. Competition for such scholarships is high and the numbers of awards limited.

Details of all scholarships offered by Kellogg College will be published at:

Updated on: 20/03/2023