College Events

Kellogg College runs a number of social and academic-related events throughout the year. There are usually several events each week, majority of which are free and open to all. Many of our events are hybrid – both in-person and online – so students, wherever they are in the world, can enjoy them in real time.

As well as the emails from the College Communication Team (sent weekly during term time), a list of the events being offered at College can be found at

We hold a number annual events, including our Black History Month Lecture, LGBTQ+ History Month Lecture, and our Bletchley Park Week, when we celebrate our unique partnership with Bletchley Park with an online programme of special events.

We hope you will enjoy our events, find stimulating discussion, and make new friends. Suggestions for new events are always welcome. Please email to provide feedback or ideas.

Graduate Research Symposium

Kellogg students have the opportunity to present and discuss their research at a two-day Graduate Research Symposium, organised by the MCR’s Academic Officer. These sessions are usually themed, with College researchers presenting their work to a non-expert audience. They allow an insight into the wide variety of research that is being conducted at Kellogg College and provide an open and informal forum to learn about new topics, from education to genetics, anthropology to social policy.

Flag days

You will sometimes notice the Kellogg flag or other flags flying. This happens on designated days, which may be celebratory days such as the College’s Foundation Day, or to show the College’s support for the community such as flying the Rainbow flag, or to mark the King’s Birthday, or to mark respect on more solemn occasions. The flying of these flags is determined by College policy and flags may only be flown by the Facilities Team in accordance with this policy.

Updated on: 20/07/2023