Meal charges & payment (Upay)

Meal charges

Student meals are subsidised by the College and meal prices for students and their guests are available below.

Price details for special events will be published along with information about the event.

Cancellations for Guest Night Dinners after the cancellation deadline of 12:00 noon five working days prior will not be refunded and will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to the full cost of the meal (without the College subsidy) which is £45. 

While children (accompanied by a responsible adult at all times) are welcome to attend many events, there may be some that they are not able to attend. Please check the event details or ask the Events team before planning to bring children to College events.

Students are welcome to email with general meal related queries, feedback and suggestions. You can also email if you wish to run an event in College with or without catering.

Payment (Upay)

College uses an app/portal called Upay to book many College events. Students will need a Upay account to book and attend these events throughout their time at Kellogg and after, as alumni. This account will be created for you and an email will be sent from Upay to your email address for you to login to your Upay account. You can access your Kellogg email address once you have activated your Oxford University Single Sign On account (SSO). The email from Upay will include a link to the Upay portal, your username and a password. Please follow the link to the Upay portal and login using the credentials provided in the email. Please do not click on ‘Register for a Upay account’ button on the Upay portal. Please be sure to change the password as soon as you can. Kellogg members do not need an ‘Affiliate ID’ to access their Upay account.

For more information about using Upay, including how to get a refund or close your account, you can download the Upay User Guide (pdf) or Booking Procedure FAQs.

The Upay system requires you to top-up your account with money which can then be spent in the Dining room, Hub Café or for booking College events. The maximum recommended balance is £250. You can also top up your Upay account at one of the tills on site (Hub Café and Dining Hall when not busy)

You can download the Upay app to your smartphone and access your account to book College events and pay for meals and events through the app. Please contact if you have any questions about Upay.

Paying for College meals

Lunches and College Dinners are paid for at point of sale using your Upay account which is linked to your University Card. Simply tap your University card on the smart card reader at the till. This is the fastest method of payment and reduces waiting times.

The till is cashless. You may choose to pay with your credit or debit card as an alternative to Upay. To receive the subsidised student meal charge, please ensure you bring your University card with you. All guest meals must be paid by the hosting Kellogg member.

Updated on: 18/07/2023