College Wellbeing Contacts


The Dean is responsible for the well-being of all College members and is the designated Disability Lead. During Michaelmas Term 2021, Nihan Akyelken will be acting as the College Dean.

Dr Nihan Akyelken

Academic Administrator

The Academic Administrator helps with matters including exam arrangements, financial hardship, extension and suspension applications, and all health and welfare matters. She is the designated Disability Co-ordinator for the College and is assisted by members of the Academic Office team.

Sarah O’Brien

Senior Tutor

For queries or issues relating to your academic programme which cannot be resolved within your academic department, faculty or school, or for which you would value another perspective.

Dr Yasmin Khan

Junior Deans

Kellogg College has two Junior Deans who are resident students and a useful first point of contact for students with concerns.


Coby Tunnicliffe

Watch the film of our 2019-2020 Junior Deans to see how they can help.

Finance Bursar

The Finance Bursar is the principal non-academic administrative officer of the College, as well as the chief financial officer. Gary is responsible for all administrative staff of the College and for ensuring their effective management and performance, working with the managers of each section as appropriate.

Gary Walker

Peer Support

Kellogg has Peer Supporters who are students trained by the University’s Counselling Service who are here to listen and support students. You can contact them on

MCR Welfare and Equality Representative

The elected Welfare and Equality Representative is a current student from the Middle Common Room.

Neil Suchak

Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator

The MCR has welcomed a Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator to foster best practices within Kellogg that ensure the safe and healthy inclusion of all members of our community.

Nteranya Sanginga

Harassment Advisors

Any issue of harassment should be notified to the advisors who will be happy to meet with you.

Dr Richard Stevens

Dr Alison MacDonald

LGBT+ Support

The MCR Equality and Welfare Rep, and Kellogg Fellow Max Van Kleek, would be happy to discuss issues of sexual orientation. You may also like to speak to the Domestic Bursar, Mel Parrott who is a Stonewall Role Model concerned to advance issues of inclusivity in the College. The College currently also has two LGBT+ Allies who can provide support – Christopher Hampson in the Academic Office and Kabilan Puliyadi in the Hospitality office.

Professor Max Van Kleek

Mel Parrott

Christopher Hampson
Kabi Puliyadi

BAME Fellow

The BAME Fellow is responsible for providing pastoral support to BAME students. They also assist in the promotion of diversity and creation of an inclusive culture at Kellogg.

Shreya Atrey

Pastoral Advisor

Dr Alistair Ross is the College’s Pastoral Advisor and, as such, is available to be consulted on any religious or personal matters on a confidential basis.

Dr Alistair Ross

Safeguarding Lead

Dr Alison MacDonald

Updated on: 07/07/2021