College Common Rooms

All current Kellogg students, fellows, staff, and alumni are members of a shared common room community. Membership for others is by invitation and is comprised of individuals from the University and the community who are involved with, or who share, the interests of Kellogg College. (It should not be confused with the Middle Common Room, which is the student body of the College.)

Common Room spaces

College members have access to two on-site common rooms.

The Hub

Located in the College grounds and surrounded by our gardens, The Hub, which contains the Hub Café, is Kellogg’s social space and Oxford University’s first Passivhaus certified building.

The Hub has a Reading Collection – an uncatalogued collection of ‘good reads’ donated by students, staff and Fellows, and managed by the Academic Officer of the MCR. There are also a few board games stored with the Reading Collection, for members’ use – these should not be removed from The Hub.

For those that wish to study, there are several electricity points for charging laptops, phones and other IT equipment; however, it is also a working café, so there will be noise at busy times.

No. 66 Common Room

This common room is located on the ground floor of 66 Banbury Road. It is a communal space with comfy seating, a dart board and table football; the entrance is to the rear of the building (off Norham Road) and access is via your University Card

As well as the common room, there is a student work room, Fellows’ work room (accessible only to Fellows), and a meeting room. There is also a small kitchen with a fridge, kettle and microwave.

Please note that the property does not have an alcohol license. All College members are expected to keep the space clean and tidy, and clean up after themselves. Please use the bins provided. Do not leave food waste, or unwashed cups or crockery in the kitchen.

The meeting room needs to be booked in advance via The other rooms are drop-in, no booking required.

Updated on: 18/07/2023