Post and pigeon holes

Pigeonholes for student post can be found in the Computer Room; post is organised alphabetically by surname.

Parcels or packages received at College for students are stored at Reception. You will be notified by email if a parcel or package arrives for you and should collect it as soon as reasonably possible. While every care is taken to look after student parcels the College accepts no responsibility for them.

All parcels delivered to College must be of a small and reasonable size and the College reserves the right to, and will, refuse oversized parcels.

Parcels not collected within seven days of delivery to College will be disposed of. We are unable to accept fresh produce at Reception, this restriction does not apply to flowers. Parcels cannot be accepted during College closures or at weekends.

We are unable to forward post so part-time students and those not resident in Oxford are advised to check the pigeonholes when they are in College.

If you are no longer a member of College you will be contacted to advise that the post is available for collection. If you are unable to collect the post within a month of being notified, it will be returned to sender, if the return address is known, or destroyed.

You may leave notes for Fellows of the College and administrative staff at Reception. Students who wish to take advantage of the free internal messenger service (to other Oxford Colleges and departments) may do so by leaving post with staff on Reception. The College will NOT pay for any external mail to be sent.

A news and events email is circulated weekly during term time to advise of seminars, dinners and other activities in College. The MCR Committee circulates separately details of its social activities during the year.

Updated on: 03/08/2022