Examinations and assessments

The best place for up-to-date information about examinations and assessments is www.ox.ac.uk/students/academic/exams

You can check which exams and assessments you are entered for, read exam timetables and find your Candidate Number via Student Self Service. You will need to check whether your exams will be taken in person or online and, if you are to take any exams in person, you should check the venue of your exams carefully.  

In some circumstances, it is possible to request alternative exam arrangements (for example for a Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) or long-term conditions and disabilities). These applications should be made no later than Friday of Week 4 of the term the exam is due to take place. To make an application, please contact the Academic Office (academic.office@kellogg.ox.ac.uk). There is guidance on exam adjustments here: www.ox.ac.uk/students/academic/exams/examination-adjustments

Sitting a formal examination    

Information about sitting an examination online, or at the Examination Schools or Ewert House (if appropriate to your programme of study), will be provided in advance, with specific details such as date, time, and location given as soon as they are known. Your examination papers will be set by your department, faculty or school.

A College contact will be available on the day of the examination in case problems arise. If you are scheduled to sit an examination at the weekend or on a bank holiday please advise the Academic Office so that they can arrange support in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Should you be unable to sit an exam through illness or other urgent, unavoidable cause, please contact the Academic Office as soon as possible. If the reasons are medical, you should obtain a medical certificate immediately as this will be required in any applications that are subsequently made to seek permission for your attendance at the exam to be excused.

If you are required to sit an exam in person, rather than remotely, you will need to wear sub fusc. See Academic Dress for more information. You can find details of permissible items to take into exams here: www.ox.ac.uk/students/academic/exams/guidance

Viva voce

This is an oral examination. Research students will receive instructions and information from their department or faculty or Academic Supervisor. Some masters’ courses, depending on their regulations, may require you to be available for a viva voce.

Full academic dress, i.e. subfusc with cap and gown, must be worn for all formal examinations that take place in person.

Submission of written work 

All assessments will be submitted online during 2023/23, this will either be via Inspera or another submission platform. The assessment details you receive from your department, faculty or school will confirm the submission requirements. Work is generally due to be submitted by noon.  You are likely to incur academic penalties if you submit late. University policy states that problems experienced when submitting work electronically are not considered valid grounds for late submission.

Please follow the instructions and leave yourself time to complete the submission correctly. You should ensure you have access to the submission system and your department can assist you with this. Electronic sites are not always available once you have attempted a submission or after the deadline and in which case you should contact your department, faculty or school for assistance. When using Inspera, you must click the ‘Submit now’ button on the final screen for your work to be received successfully. Failure to do so may result in your work being marked as ‘late’ or ‘missing’. 

Information about the submission of written work can also be found on the University website: www.ox.ac.uk/students/academic/exams/submission

Examination results

Examination results will be published on the Student Self Service pages.

You will be able to access results on eVision using your Single Sign-On, for up to 11 months after completion of your course.

Extension of deadlines for examined/assessed written work

If you are struggling for reasons beyond your control to meet a deadline, because of ‘illness or other urgent cause that was unforeseeable, unavoidable and/or insurmountable’,  you should contact the Academic Office at College, academic.office@kellogg.ox.ac.uk. Students at the Department for Continuing Education should submit extension requests to their department.

For short-term illness or a flare-up of a chronic condition, you can apply for a 7-day extension directly to the Proctors using the self-certification form available on the Proctors website www.proctors.ox.ac.uk/forms For longer extension requests or for reasons not covered by the self-certification form an application will then be made on your behalf to the Proctors. This application will require supporting evidence.  

An extended deadline will be set if your application is granted. Extension requests should be for relatively short periods of time, correlating to the time you have lost for circumstances beyond your control, and no more than 12 weeks for a single assessment. If you think you will be unable to work for a very long time, you should speak to college about making other arrangements to postpone your studies.

It may be necessary for the Academic Registrar to discuss cases with the College’s Senior Tutor or colleagues in the Academic Office. If the request is lengthy or affects the course regulations, then the Proctors may refer this to Education Committee of the University. Kellogg College recognises that some of these requests may be sensitive and will handle all information confidentially.

If a request is to be made to the Proctors you will need to provide the following information to College:

  • Information (titles and unit codes) of the assignments, papers, exams, or dissertation concerned
  • The original submission date(s)
  • An explanation of the issue, how you have lost time for circumstances beyond your control, and why extra time is needed for submitting. This should be in the form of a separate short written statement by you, either as an email or a letter.
  • Supporting medical evidence if illness is the issue, or other relevant independent verification as applicable. This is mandatory and should be recent documentation.
  • If extra time is being requested, a new proposed date must be specified to the Proctors. The Proctors consider extensions on the basis of time lost for factors beyond your control. They will not consider open-ended applications. If the reasons are medical, it is helpful if the doctor supports the amount of time requested. There should be a correlation between the time lost due to the unforeseen circumstances and the amount of time requested.

If you wish to submit medical evidence to support an application to the Proctors, you must provide current medical evidence that is specific to the circumstances of the extension. Evidence of a diagnosis may not suffice, nor can old records be considered.

  • Full-time students resident in Oxford should make an appointment with the College Doctor at the 19 Beaumont Street Surgery (provided they have registered with that Surgery) or their own doctor and discuss medical concerns with the doctors there. The surgery should be able to offer you a telephone or online appointment unless attendance at the surgery is essential.
  • Part-time students who are living at home should contact their local doctor. The doctor should make an assessment and complete a medical certificate which should be sent to the College. If possible, non-University medical professionals should use the External Medical Certificate Template.

The Proctors consider a number of complex cases and often experience a high volume of cases around the time of exams and results. Applications made by College can be submitted within four weeks of the submission deadline. Do try and start any application as soon as possible and as well in advance of the deadline as possible. The Proctors only approve applications for exceptional reasons, that is illness or other urgent causes, and may take some time to consider any request. Do not delay proceeding with your work while waiting for an outcome.

While students are able to discuss matters of concern with their department, faculty or school, they must not consult their examiners. Similarly, applications for extensions to work submissions must be made via College rather than directly to the Proctors, except for short self-certification requests and for those studying with the Department for Continuing Education.

Incorrect submission (Inspera and Moodle)

If, before the submission deadline, you discover that you have submitted the wrong piece of work, perhaps one that is incomplete or a previous version, you may apply to the Proctors for permission to withdraw and resubmit on one occasion before the submission deadline without the permission of the Proctors. Resubmissions need to be emailed to the course administrator before the deadline.

After the submission deadline, you may withdraw and resubmit by emailing the replacement file to your department administrator within 30 minutes of the submission deadline. There is no requirement to secure permission from the Proctors to do so. After this 30 minute period no withdrawal and resubmissions will be possible.

Updated on: 11/07/2023