Graduate supervision and Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR)

Students who are studying for degrees in which coursework forms a significant element will be taught the relevant subjects in University lectures, seminars and tutorials. This teaching is likely to be undertaken by a number of academic staff from the departments, faculties or schools of their chosen programmes of study. Each student will also be allocated a Supervisor by their department or faculty to undertake oversight of their academic work as a whole. In the case of graduates undertaking a degree which is wholly or principally composed of research, a subject matter Supervisor will be assigned by the relevant faculty board or department who will be responsible for supporting the student’s academic work.

It is crucially important that you keep in contact with your Supervisor and keep them apprised of any issues you may have in the course of your studies. Your Supervisor is required to submit a termly report on your academic progress. This is done on the University’s online platform for Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR). All matriculated graduate students are strongly encouraged to use GSR to keep track of your termly progress and during the reporting window in Weeks 7-9 of each term (and one in the summer for research students) you will be invited to submit a report. This is an opportunity to reflect on your achievements, comment on your progress with your graduate work and note the number of meetings you have had with your Supervisor(s) and College Advisor. You will also be able to set a flag to indicate if you have any concerns about your academic progress. There are different levels of concern and the system is not prescriptive so please complete in a way that best reflects your experience and which can assist your department, faculty or school in supporting you. Your progress reports will also be viewed by your College Advisor; please note reports are also viewed by the Senior Tutor in consultation with the Academic Office. The course Director and the Director of Graduate Studies in your department, faculty or school will also view all reports to keep informed as to students’ progress and experience.

Everything that you will need to know about submitting a progress report in GSR for your specific course will be included in your course handbook issued by your department or faculty. Course handbooks, along with other valuable information, can be found at:

Updated on: 11/07/2023