Mitigating Circumstances Notices to Examiners (MCE)

If you have experienced circumstances that have adversely affected your academic progress, such as illness or personal events, for example bereavement, you can submit a mitigating circumstance notice (MCE) so that the examiners are made aware of the situation. Such applications must be made as near the event as possible and must be received by noon the day before the final meeting of the exam board.

Applications can be made after Examiners’ meetings (up to one month following the release of results) only under exceptional circumstances. Please contact the College’s Academic Registrar to discuss such applications.

Applications for a Mitigating Circumstances Notice to Examiners are submitted on Student Self Service. You will need to include your own statement and at least one piece of supporting evidence. Further instructions on what to include in a mitigating circumstance notice to your examiners, timing of notifications, how these are considered by your examiners and complaints procedures can be found in the Guidance Notes on the University website:

You are encouraged to discuss the circumstances you believe have affected your performance with the Academic Office in the first instance to determine the best course of action.

Updated on: 12/07/2023